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Updated: Aug 1, 2022

In the constellation of Sagittarius, modesty often sounds like an ancient word. We, the centaurs, powered by Jupiter, the most massive planet in our system, can't help but think BIG. When the FLOWER MOON, the beautiful and fertile May's full Moon, rises in our constellation, Jupiter promotes it to a SUPER MOON and a BLOOD MOON and TOTAL ECLIPSE. We love the phrase all included. Optimistic, change-loving centaurs are happy: the Moon will rise, bedazzling, igniting, and spreading our creative fire. We want everyone to see the FLOWER MOON, to feel her strength, to get inspired. We want everyone to embrace the change, spread their wings, and expand in the most urgent areas of their lives. We are not born modest, but we are unreservedly giving. We share our good fortune and our intoxicating excitement. We break the given and known boundaries to travel farther in realms of the mind and concur the distances across the earth and sky. We are philosophers and teachers. At times, even preachers. We walk our own path solo, but we turn every moment to invite others to join our never-ending celebration of life.

What are we offering to the world with the May 26 FLOWER ECLIPSE?

The Moon, complete in our constellation, is supported by Jupiter in Pisces, making this lunation ideal for sharing our ideas and dreams, teachings, and long-processed creative projects. Everything that we've been creating secretly and quietly since this eclipse cycle started on June 5, 2020, we are now ready to release, or we're ready to harvest our crops.

Eclipses happen when Sun and Moon meet or oppose one another on the lunar nodes (two points at which the Moon's orbit crosses the ecliptic). Every six months, the luminaries walk this path, opening us to change. Eclipses come in pairs or triplets and become catalysts of DRAMATIC ENDINGS and BOMBASTIC new BEGINNINGS.

I've experienced them as the PATH OF GROWTH. The eclipses envelop us in shadow and teach us how to quiet our overwhelming senses so that we can HEAR the true stories embedded in our hearts.


Each eclipse is a member of a particular family of eclipses that repeats cyclically over decades and centuries. The repetitions bring back the familiar themes we need to revisit. The upcoming eclipses on May 26 (lunar eclipse in Sagittarius) and June 10 (the solar eclipse in Gemini) will echo the time between December 21, 2010, and May 25, 2013. And earlier between December 14, 2001, and November 23, 2003. In 2002, the eclipses happened on the exact dates, on May 26 and June 10.

Can you remember what happened in your life at these times? What did your past teach you?


The eclipses on our mutable Sagittarius Gemini axis will present us with change that will not be experienced tangibly, creating an abundance of anxiety and uncertainty. We understand that this might confuse both cardinal signs (Aries, Libra, Cancer, Capricorn), and fixed (Taurus, Scorpio, Leo, Aquarius), so, we would like to offer an explanation.

In the constellation of Sagittarius, we expand through spirit and identity, diverse ideologies, and optimistic visions of the world. We stand for our beliefs and laws. We uprise when we see injustice. Especially those that are the product of hate. We are fascinating creatures, half-human, half-animal. We embrace the differences and diversity. We welcome the in-between. We disapprove of definitions and labels, limits and boundaries, judgments, and assumptions. We respect laws and scriptures when written fairly and inclusively. We are change-promoters hence never afraid.

Now we partner with Gemini that rules over our mental processes and personal and social conversation to open the ecliptic path of growth.


In the first stage of the path we are called to take, we'll experience the shedding of uncomfortable skin: the identity that no longer resonates with our truth, the roles or labels we were given by society or family. It's time for liberation. The first stage of the path ends with the ACCEPTANCE of our new selves.

Deep breath in and hold. Hold.

Open the lips slightly.

Release the breath.

Now repeat, "I accept myself. My WHOLE self."

For the second stage of the path, we'll turn to the Sun and Mercury in Gemini for help. We need to communicate our new identity, ideas, and believes to the world. Gemini knows how to present our big thoughts with simple words and simplify our often-complex ideas. We, the centaurs, must travel from the space of KNOWING to the space of LEARNING. And UNLEARN along the way. In our world of thoughts and abstract ideas, UNLEARNING is PURGING.

Deep breath in and hold. Hold.

Open the lips slightly.

Release the breath.

Now repeat, "I release the knowing."

During the Super Flower Blood Moon, Jupiter might lure us on a submarine ride. Pisces will be first in line to embark. We'll dive into the Sea of Imagination. When we emerge, we'll come bearing gifts in the form of explicit messages from the collective consciousness. Virgo will help us process the messages.

Look back again at the themes that have been unfolding over the last year. Prompted by the pandemic, we slid into collective loneliness in which we were pushed to isolate from everyone: our community, neighbors, family members. We have witnessed an immeasurable loss of lives and freedoms, and we are still counting. We have fought a war against an invisible enemy. We fought a war against ourselves. We raged, and we turned against one another. The privileged in the position of the "preferred values" (such as certain skin type and money) took the scepter once again. History is cyclical.

The centaurs are uprising. We'll cast the shadow across the Moon and the Sun to help you see the heart values with the return of the light.

Deep breath in and hold. Hold.

Open the lips slightly. Release the breath.

Now repeat, "I am ready to LISTEN and LEARN."

So, what exactly are we offering to the world with the May 26 FLOWER ECLIPSE?

The knowing or the unknowing?

Learning or unlearning?

An idea or a plan?

Here is what I’ve learned in the past year: COMMUNICATION is not just a valuable skill for your resume but A LEARNING JOURNEY. Communication has never been about releasing ideas and stories into the world, broadcasting them through different media and social media channels, clogging the collective consciousness, but about LISTENING and LEARNING and OFFERING the content that is relevant and helpful to the collective. The dialogue that Mercury will start during the eclipses, journeying retrograde in its home constellation, will surpass the private exchange of ideas. Will surpass the pronoun I. WE will see the world from the collective perspective.

Gemini and Sagittarius will work together on ASSIMILATING and INTEGRATING the best parts of their souls to make this world we call home a safer and more inclusive place, OPEN TO NEW CONVERSATIONS.

This letter is my way to start a conversation. I don’t want to look at the world through opposites anymore. I’ve never taught them to my children. They don’t fill the blanks “correctly” when given words that are “lacking” their opposite. I had to UNLEARN that concept myself so I could teach them differently. The same way, I am unlearning polarities in astrology so I can teach you differently.

My FLOWER MOON PRACTICE communicates my ideas of integration. Under the light of the Flower Moon rising in my constellation, I am opening the doors of this liminal and virtual space created to help us flourish.

Deep breath in and hold. Hold.

Open the lips slightly. Release the breath.

Now repeat, "I am ready to BLOOM."

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