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From Duty to Delight: Balancing Responsibilities with Joy and Ease

Dear friends and stargazers,

I have to admit, this Full Moon in Capricorn really got to me. Even though it is my job as an astrologer to predict and describe how the upcoming lunation may affects us, there are times when even I can't help but surrender to the Moon's power. This knowing is a good reminder of how much the Moon influences us, much more than any other planet. Luckily, there are two Full Capricorn Moons this summer, so even though this letter is couple of days late, what I wrote for you will guide you throughout July and help you with needed balancing of responsibilities with joy and ease.

Full Capricorn Moon

In Belgrade, Serbia, where I live, the Capricorn Full Moon was hidden by storm clouds on the night it was at its fullest. But thanks to my friends Mariana and Nebojša, who were on vacation in Greece, I got these fantastic photos of the Moon when she was still in Sagittarius, just before she reached her fullness. It is rather common for the Capricorn Full Moon to be covered by clouds since Capricorn likes to work behind the scenes and avoid spotlight.

During this Full Moon (that lit up my 12 house of introspection, reflection, and deep internal and subconscious work) I suffered the bursts of anxiety and worry (classical 12 house sign), and I felt as if I have done everything wrong (Capricorn doubts). I asked myself a question: what if I picked a wrong profession, a wrong path in life (again, it is Capricorn that rules the house of profession and public self). Given that I also have Venus in Capricorn, the feelings of doubts were even more emphasized. Venus is responsible for our relationship with self-worth and our relationship with money. To ease these unhealthy feelings, I reached toward the opposite constellation, and I did what the Sun in Capricorn, now joined with Mercury and Venus would enjoy—I spent time with my family at my husband's family home, and I watched movies with my daughters.

On the Full Moon night, we saw Inside Out 2, now featuring the new emotion: Anxiety. The story which perfectly matched the astrology I was feeling, even echoing the sentence I am not good enough. The other night, I watched (again) Greta Gerwig's Lady Bird with my teenage daughter, the complex mother-daughter relationship now clearly showcased the current aspect between Jupiter and Saturn and how it affect my life. It is very common for astrology to show up in the stories we experience through books, movies, art, and music, not just in the events of our lives. Astrology is a shared experience as much as a personal one.

However, it wasn't just the Moon causing my strong feelings lately—it was the upcoming square between Saturn and Jupiter that this Capricorn Full Moon highlighted. Let's talk more about this because it will affect all of us this summer.

Saturn and Jupiter Square

When Saturn and Jupiter met up in Aquarius in December 2020, they started a new astrology cycle where the two planets will only meet in air signs for many years. The Saturn-Jupiter cycle represents the interplay between structure, discipline, and responsibility (Saturn) and growth, optimism, and expansion (Jupiter). This cycle is often seen as a way to measure what's happening in society and in the collective human experience.

Saturn and Jupiter meet up about every 20 years, but in between those meetings, they make different aspects to each other—some helpful, some challenging. The 2020 Saturn-Jupiter meeting in Aquarius is special because it begins a 20-year cycle focused on innovation, technology, social justice, and helping others. This meeting is seen as a sign that big changes and transformations are coming.

When Saturn and Jupiter are 60 or 120 degrees apart, they support us, but when they are 90 degrees apart (a square), they challenge us and remind us of our responsibilities or limits, sometimes our own or others' weaknesses.

The exact square of Jupiter and Saturn will be on August 19 2024, but we'll feel its effects all summer. We could call this a "growing pains" aspect because it creates tension between Jupiter's expansion and Saturn's limits.

My advice for dealing with this challenging aspect is a bit different. I suggest looking at the signs where Saturn and Jupiter are at their strongest (exalted), and using the skills or support of those signs. For Jupiter, that's the sign of Cancer (very active in July), and for Saturn, it's Libra. Both signs teach us to balance our emotions and responsibilities. As we move forward, may we remember these lessons and live in a way that honors both our goals and our needs to take care of ourselves.

Because there will be two Full Moons in Capricorn this month, the following horoscopes are created to support you until the end of July.

Full moon on the beach

The two Full Moon(s) in Capricorn remind us of our responsibilities and the structures we build in our lives, and the new Moon in Cancer on July 5th will help us carve time for emotional renewal and self-care.

The New Moon in Cancer on July 5th will help us carve time for emotional renewal and self-care. Cancer governs home, family, and our deepest emotional needs. The Cancer New Moon invited us to retreat into our personal sanctuaries, nurture our emotional well-being, and set intentions for creating a supportive and loving environment. This was quite a perfect time to focus on strengthening family bonds, developing new self-care rituals, and inaugurating any new beginnings that align with our emotional needs. With the Sun, Venus, and Mercury also in Cancer, there was an added emphasis on tenderness, empathy, and heartfelt communication.

Cancer month will conclude with another, and more powerful Full Moon in Capricorn on July 21.

This second Full Moon in Capricorn will make us circle back to themes of responsibility, ambition, and long-term goals. Capricorn, the sign of the mountain goat, emphasizes perseverance, discipline, and practical achievements.

This second Full Moon in Capricorn will illuminate our professional and personal responsibilities, asking us to evaluate our progress and make all necessary adjustments. The theme of reevaluation is also echoed in the Saturn-Jupiter Square, and it comes across as very loud, even if it catches you on vacation. Bear in mind that both the Moon and the Saturn-Jupiter square will ask you to notice and celebrate any hard work and dedication, but also to ensure that you are not neglecting your emotional and physical well-being.

Let’s explore how the Full Moon(s) in Capricorn, New Cancer Moon and the approaching square of Jupiter and Saturn will impacts each sign.

For the most accurate reading, read the horoscope for both your Sun sign and your Ascendent (Rising). If you don't know your rising, use or other free resource to calculate.

Aries and Aries Rising

Aries, Saturn in your 12th house focuses on behind-the-scenes work and personal introspection. You're called to balance these responsibilities with self-care practices that soothe your soul. Jupiter in your 3rd house highlights joy in communication and learning while Saturn wishes to stay hidden and quiet. Ease comes from engaging in stimulating conversations and short trips. The Cancer planets remind you to nurture your inner world, balancing your drive with moments of rest and reflection.

Taurus and Taurus Rising

Taurus, with Saturn in your 11th house, you’re dedicated to your social responsibilities and community roles, perhaps even too much. The Capricorn Full Moons urge you to balance this with personal care. Jupiter in your 2nd house brings joy and abundance through financial planning and self-worth. Ease can be found in valuing your contributions and treating yourself. Lots of shopping for you this summer! The Cancer influence encourages you to communicate your needs tenderly, fostering closer connections with friends and community members.

Gemini and Gemini Rising

Gemini, Saturn in your 10th house highlights career responsibilities and building the public image (any digital representation of your skills falls into this category). The Full Moons ask you to balance these tasks with authenticity - it is important that what you show is true to who you are. When Jupiter is in your 1st house, it may lead you into a lauder and more colorful self-expression than you are comfortable with. Ease comes from embracing your true (and complex) identity and pursuing personal growth in your own pace. The Cancer planets remind you to nurture your financial security, ensuring a solid foundation for your ambitions.

Cancer and Cancer Rising

Cancer, Saturn in your 9th house focuses on education, travel, and spiritual responsibilities. The Full Moons urge you to balance these with self-care and personal reflection. Jupiter in your 12th house brings joy through introspection and spiritual practices. Ease comes from solitude and connecting with your inner self. I feel you might enjoy some yoga and meditation retreats this summer! With the Sun, Venus, and Mercury in your sign, prioritize any nurturing relationships, even with your amazing self, allowing the embodiment of tenderness and compassion.

Leo and Leo Rising

Leo, with Saturn in your 8th house, you’re managing shared resources and deep emotional work, as well aa some new sensual relationship(s). The Full Moons highlight the need to balance these with intentional self-care and grounding. Jupiter in your 11th house brings joy through social connections and group activities. Ease comes from collaborating with others and enjoying communal support. The Cancer planets encourage you to nurture your inner world and prioritize emotional well-being.

Virgo and Virgo Rising

Virgo, Saturn in your 7th house emphasizes partnerships and commitments, and your fear of them. The Full Moons ask you to balance responsibilities in your relationship with joy you experience through them. Jupiter in your 10th house brings novelty in career achievements and public recognition. Ease comes from intentional pursuing of your professional goals and celebrating your successes. The Cancer influence reminds you to connect with friends and community, celebrating and nurturing supportive relationships.

Libra and Libra Rising

Libra, Saturn in your 6th house highlights daily responsibilities and health. The Full Moons urge you to balance work duties with self-care routines. Jupiter in your 9th house brings joy through learning, travel, and spiritual growth. Ease comes from expanding your horizons and seeking new experiences. The Cancer planets encourage you to nurture your career and public image, finding harmony between ambition and personal well-being.

Scorpio and Scorpio Rising

Scorpio, with Saturn in your 5th house, you’re focused on creative projects and responsibilities towards children or hobbies. The Full Moons highlight the need to balance these with self-care. Jupiter in your 8th house brings joy through deep emotional connections and transformative experiences. Ease comes from embracing intimacy and personal growth. The Cancer influence reminds you to nurture your spiritual and educational pursuits, fostering a deeper connection with your inner self.

Sagittarius and Sagittarius Rising

Sagittarius, Saturn in your 4th house emphasizes home and family responsibilities. The Full Moons urge you to balance domestic duties with self-care. Jupiter in your 7th house brings joy through partnerships and relationships. Ease comes from building strong, supportive connections. The Cancer planets encourage you to nurture your shared resources and intimate relationships, finding a balance between personal and collective well-being.

Capricorn and Capricorn Rising

Capricorn, with Saturn in your 3rd house, you’re managing communication and local responsibilities. The Full Moons highlights the need to balance these with self-care. Jupiter in your 6th house brings joy through daily routines and health practices. Ease comes from organizing your day and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The Cancer influence reminds you to nurture your partnerships and close relationships, fostering mutual support and understanding.

Aquarius and Aquarius Rising

Aquarius, Saturn in your 2nd house focuses on financial responsibilities and self-worth. The Full Moons urge you to press a pause in your meticulous financial planning. Allow yourself some losses and expenses. Money is energy and it has to flow constantly. Allow yourself a summer escape to arts and beauty. Jupiter in your 5th house brings joy through creativity, romance, and hobbies. Ease comes from embracing your passions and expressing yourself creatively and authentically. The Cancer planets encourage you to nurture your health and daily routines, ensuring a balanced approach to life. Enjoy fresh summer foods and light exercise.

Pisces and Pisces Rising

Pisces, Saturn in your 1st house pulls hard towards personal growth and self-discipline. The Full Moons ask you to balance personal responsibilities with acts of emotional self-care. Jupiter in your 4th house brings joy through home and family life. Ease comes from creating a nurturing home environment. The Cancer influence reminds you to prioritize self-love and creative expression, allowing your inner light to shine brightly.

Thank you for reading my horoscopes. If you have questions, don't hesitate to reach out! My July schedule for consultations is now updated with less availability due to my travels. During August, I will work from Seattle, so you can catch me on Pacific time.

With Moonlight,


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