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Updated: Aug 1, 2022

Happy Full Moon, stargazers!

Although, it’s a tough one for sure. The Capricorn Full Moon is shining degrees away from Pluto, the planet of transformation that, when illuminated, manifests our unconsciousness. The unconsciousness holds everything: from our superpowers to our innermost fears. Saturn, the strict teacher, rules over this illumination and, retrograde in Aquarius, makes a peculiar connection to the Sun – our source of vitality.

The aspect that the Sun and Saturn form today is called quincunx or inconjunction. A quincunx happens when two celestial bodies or two signs are 150 degrees away from one another and signifies, by far, the most interesting and misinterpreted relationship in the sky. When two planets or signs are inconjunct, we can say they have nothing in common. From the Saturnian perspective (I’m looking at Saturn in Aquarius), having nothing in common means an opportunity to learn. However, from a Cancer's standpoint, the lack of similarities, visible inclinations, or emotions manifests as a deal-breaker.

The Capricorn Full Moon is mainly concerned with achievement and recognition, the lunation can help you celebrate your recent accomplishments or make you feel discouraged because of something you haven’t accomplished (Saturn is retrograde in Aquarius). The intensity of the Full Moon may make you look down at yourself because your friends and colleagues seem way ahead of you; hence, it looks like you’re dragging behind. Just think for a moment: won’t there always be something we haven’t realized yet? Perhaps, today is the time to rethink your goals: are they too demanding? Can you push back your projected deadlines?

The reason for this tiresome feeling of insecurity in your worth lies behind Saturn’s inconjuncion with the Sun. If you are a Capricorn or Aquarius sun or rising, this lunation is not a good time for you to start anything new, but to purge, clean your physical space and detox your body. If you are a Cancer or Cancer rising, it’s time to cheer up and celebrate at least one of your many accomplishments. It is also the time to stop loathing yourself over any imagined failures. Most of what we define as failures were just lessons we had to take at the given moment. Now, it is time to rest, heal, and love your own body.

For everybody, this is a lunation under which you want to ESTABLISH BOUNDARIES in any part of your life where you feel the least at ease. With more precise and firmer boundaries, we’ll have more space to grow and more prospects to achieve our goals. In the months like July, when water energy is abundant and overflowing, we need a bigger container. We need to be by the water to allow for a confluence.

Cancer-Capricorn lunation is concerned about security: both material and emotional. Cancer focuses on community and the act of nurturing; Capricorn focuses on society and the need to build and ensure structures within and for society.

The Cancer Sun illuminates our need to protect what we have; hence Capricorn Full Moon may have trouble letting go of what or whom we don’t need. During this emotionally intense lunation, our boundaries may be compromised by people whose views on personal space and appropriateness differ from ours and quite so (remember that quincunx). When our boundaries, especially those concerning the body and emotional well-being, are breached, the energy of the water incites a flood. Any flood can become damaging. In order to prevent the imminent overflow, take some time today to re-establish your boundaries. Write it down in a spread sheet, the Capricorn way – make a solid plan you will follow.

Commit to yourself. Respect and protect your body. Respect and protect your space. Play by your rules, never cheat in your own game.

Read horoscopes for both your Sun and rising sign to see where you feel the least at ease today and where you need to rethink boundaries.

ARIES: Having Jupiter on your side doesn’t mean that everything is already done. You still struggle with the concept of Fer play. Although this lunation falls into your field of carrier and public life, be careful with her, she might enlighten a secret.

TAURUS: It seems that you have been underestimating yourself lately. You can do so much more than you are settling for. This Full Moon illuminates your possibilities that, with Uranus in the mix, feel both expansive and grounded. Mars in your sign is giving you a push. Go for it.

GEMINI: You need to rethink how much you value your time. Time is money. And you are giving away yours for grabs. If you are a freelancer, raise your prices today and make yourself comfortable that your time is worth more than what you are charging.

CANCER: Know that for some people (let’s take an Aquarius, for example), your sudden emotional floods and the constant need to be encouraged and reassured, as well as your need to always share your thoughts and feelings, can be painfully overbearing. Learn to give others space, especially if their Sun or rising is in the constellations of Sagittarius or Aquarius.

LEO: I hope you are on vacation, Leo. The next New Moon will illuminate your excellence. But, today, Luna shines on your body, and with a square from Kiron, the healer, she is messaging you to pause and take care of yourself. Sleep in the Sun – you love that.

VIRGO: In matters of the heart, you are always clear about your space and wishes. However, how often do you consider what others truly need? Focus on joy today, not your own, but the joy of those you love.

LIBRA: The house is full; the family is gathering. Perhaps, a celebration. However, you have been distracted lately. That Jupiter opposing your Sun is tearing your focus into pieces. Be careful what you say and do today. Gather yourself before you gather family.

SCORPIO: You feel talkative today as the Moon illuminates your communication skills and needs. But with Pluto in the mix, I wonder what you really need to share? Confess, perhaps.

SAGITTARIUS: With this lunation, you opened the matters of security – emotional and material. What are the boundaries you need to reestablish today? The Kiron inspires you to heal the old wounds concerning safety. You will find great joy in the process of healing.

CAPRICORN: The lights are on you today! What do you need to clear out from your space, mind, and heart so you can present yourself lighter in front of others? An Aries family member can be of great help today.

AQUARIUS: You took this one the hardest, Aquarius! You are anxious, but you don’t know why. People are annoying you. You want to stay in bed and Netflix. And you should. It’s the twelfth house Full Moon – everyone will understand. Nothing good can come from forcing a flow against the stream.

PISCES: This Full Moon is bringing you gifts! Opportunities. Good fortune. Name what you want. Manifest. Regarding boundaries, block some time away from the network and social media. Other people’s feeds are draining your energy.

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