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Horoscope for the Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse

Today we are experiencing the Blood Moon Total Lunar Eclipse (the last total lunar eclipse before 2025), during which many planets are in intense dialogue in the sky. The Full Moon is on the 16th degree of Taurus, Sun and Mercury joined in the Kazimi (the Sun's conjunction) on the other side in Scorpio. Venus is close to the Sun, too. Uranus, the disruptor, joined the Moon, but the controlling Saturn lures from the corner, forming a challenging square to the event.

What is this all about? First and foremost, it's about recourses we have; we use, need, and lack. It's not about money. Money today is just a representation of our resources, and it's becoming increasingly virtual. This eclipse points to the natural and material resources we need and the talents and knowledge we can use to build the life we want or earn money. When we have the conjunction of Mercury and the Sun in the time of the eclipse, we will learn something important, get the information we need, and discover a truth that has been concealed. The reveal doesn't have to happen today. You might have learned something around October 9, or you will by December 7. So pay attention to the information that comes your way.

Globally, this has everything to do with the earth's resources and the power of those who dared colonialize what hasn't been for taking. The planet is suffering; the air is toxic, and the earth is tired of giving without being restored. Society is collapsing. The war between Uranus (the future) and Saturn (the past) reached its climax today. The light bodies are darkening in the sky to show us that the darkness might swallow us all. Will we march in the boots of Uranus demanding an immediate change, or will we try to listen to the elderly Saturn and establish better boundaries and structure for future generations? The critical mid-term elections are underway in the United States during the eclipse. The unexpected will likely happen (Uranus over the Blood Moon in Taurus; Mercury joining the Sun in Scorpio), and the whole world will feel the consequences (Saturn squares the Blood Moon and Uranus, Sun and Mercury, and Venus).

How will this planetary configuration affect your lives, and where can you look for relief and wisdom? Or what is our way out?

Look at the constellation of Leo in your birth chart, see what house Leo rules, and where you can redirect your energy. This house will help you find balance and stability. Leo represents the Sun, life force, and creativity. Dignity. See how you can employ this sign to help you understand your gifts, wisdom, and talents with pleasure and grace and what you can build from your existing resources.

Read the horoscope for your sign and ascendant for better understanding.

Aries: Unexpected events hit your finances in the midst of which you will feel unlucky or trapped. However, a new path will reveal itself in front of you. Use your creativity to initiate a new project that celebrates life and joy without much calculating. In the longer run, your investments will multiply.

Taurus: You might learn disappointing news or truth about a female friend, family member, coworker, or business partner that will cast a shadow over your entire network urging you to re-establish boundaries. The eclipse brings forward the inevitable: One relationship is due to end. On the brighter side, joy comes from being with your family.

Gemini: It is time to hit a two-month-long pause and retreat to heal and grow. Don’t waste your vocal cords but write or edit your previous work. The joy will come from revisiting places, books, and ideas you once loved.

Cancer: To blossom in love, joy, and with children, you must let go of the expectations imposed on you by society. There is only one way forward – your way. You got all the resources you need to map this journey out. Be more courageous.

Leo: It is a complicated and essential year for your career. The change is inevitable. To make decisions and proceed, you must listen to the voice of your heart. Don’t let others advise and guide you. Whatever you do, do it with grace and not arrogancy.

Virgo: The world has been waiting to hear your ideas and stories. Use your imagination, talents, and the media you feel comfortable in to share the content of your mind and heart. The next three months are perfect for behind-the-scenes production.

Libra: Oh, Libra, do you feel you’re lost? You work hard, but it doesn’t pay as you expect. The invoices and debts are piling on, and you don’t seem to believe in finding the creative solutions you are known for. The following spring will bring a positive change. In the meantime, glue your butt to a chair and research or study. Improve yourself. Revisit cities that have changed you before.

Scorpio: Your relationship is under an earthquake. The way it is functioning now is about to end. However, we don’t leave our worlds after disasters. Instead, we rebuild them better and stronger. The key ingredient is your effort.

Sagittarius: You must admit that your body cannot do everything you plan. Your body has limits that you must respect. Your body needs rest and nourishment. How about you ask your romantic partner and work colleagues for help? It is okay to ask for help. The relief is, of course, travel. However, travel to places with vital solar energy in the next few months. Spend your birthday by the sea.

Capricorn: You are highly anxious. This might have caused the tension: a project you have been working on for a long time is about to reach completion, which causes stress. Perhaps your child is growing up faster than you can accept or leaving the nest. Your creative process has taken an unexpected turn you cannot control. Maybe your partner is happier than you are, and you can’t let them take all the joy. This eclipse plans to teach you how to lose control over yourself, people, and events, allow the change to happen and let go.

Aquarius: It is remarkable how strongly we feel about this eclipse in the constellation of Aquarius. It’s all over our bloodstream. We are changing from the core, and it feels uncomfortable. The skin itches, the head throbs, the digestion is blocked, and the lungs are shrinking. We are about to change our approach to life, careers, and homes. We are literally on the construction site where we still don’t have floors or walls, just wires, and pipes. Hold on, Aquarius, everything will feel way prettier in March. In the meantime, get cozy with your partner.

Pisces: You are learning to establish better boundaries with some family members. Perhaps your partner’s female relatives or friends. How another person thinks and talks causes you anxiety and intense reactions. You will not change others, but you can accept and love them. Offer kindness and take care of your body. Getting physical will bring you relief.

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