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Horoscopes for the Lunar Eclipse in Libra

Eclipses are celestial events that have captured human imagination across time and cultures, whether they have been viewed with awe or fear. In Astrology, eclipses signify potent and transformative portals that may bring dramatic shifts in our inner and outer worlds, or serve as catalysts for new beginnings or endings of an old cycle.

A lunar eclipse is a Full Moon but ten times more potent and it happens when the Earth stands between the Sun and Moon, casting its shadow over the Moon. The upcoming Lunar eclipse will happen on Sunday-Monday March 24-25 depending on where you live. I am writing from the Central Europe where the Moon will be eclipsed on Monday morning at 8 am. However, we will feel the eclipse energy the whole weekend and even the following week.

Days around eclipses often feel as if the universe has opened a door, urging you to step into the next phase of your life. However, at a same time, colored with urgency, we often find ourselves in the unknown because during eclipses we never have all the information we need to make wise decisions. That is why it is important to remain calm and patient. Do not rush to judgments or actions during the eclipse season but instead allow the events to unfold naturally. An eclipse is never a singular event but belongs to a larger narrative that plays out over time. 

Below, you will find your horoscopes for the Lunar Eclipse in Libra. The best is to read for both your Sun sign and your Ascendent (Rising) sign. To learn more on eclipses read Eclipses in Astrology: What You Need to Know.

Shadows over the Moon

A full moon typically signifies a time to release, and this is further emphasized during a full moon eclipse. You may have heard advice to let go of what no longer serves you during these times. The idea is to make space for new growth by releasing old patterns, relationships, or beliefs that have become stagnant in your current chapter.

The act of letting go can take many forms, from the physical to the deeply spiritual.

Aries and Aries rising: The lunar eclipse in Libra calls for balance in your relationships. Sometimes, harmony means putting your needs second. Reflect on your willingness to compromise for mutual happiness. Be cautious, as Mercury in the pre-retrograde shadow suggests words may come out harsher than intended. Embrace growth in your connection to yourself and others and navigate this period with thoughtful communication.


Taurus and Taurus rising: It's time to shed old habits and thought patterns that no longer serve your well-being, Taurus. The lessons of the past years have highlighted the importance of maintaining your physical and mental health. With the Jupiter and Uranus conjunction in your first house, you're embarking on a transformative journey that requires your best self. Embrace this powerful transit by letting go of what holds you back and committing to a healthier, more vibrant version of you.


Gemini and Gemini rising: The eclipse portal is making sure that you are getting ready to welcome Jupiter into your life, Gemini. Mark your calendars for May 26. When in your constellation, this grand planet demands space and brings exuberant, expanding energy. To show up as the best host, you literally need to commit to some serious decluttering! Embrace the Marie Kondo method and let go of what no longer brings you joy. Stop making excuses and take responsibility for your emotions. Happiness is a choice, and by adopting this mindset, you'll invite Jupiter's abundant blessings. However, if you resist this shift, the planet of abundance might just teach you what true unhappiness is.


Cancer and Cancer rising: As you embrace greater responsibilities in your career, Cancer, the trade-off may mean less time at home. This can be a tough pill to swallow for your home-loving soul. Consider loosening your expectations and embracing this unique career opportunity. While it may feel overwhelming now, remember that the walls of your home will remain standing. Find a balance that allows you to nurture both your professional aspirations and your domestic comfort. Or just, step out of your comfort for once in your life. Let the Aries energy guide you towards brave new beginnings.


Leo and Leo rising: With Pluto shifting its focus to Aquarian ideals, it might feel like a challenging time for you, Leo. As the lunar eclipse activates your third house of communication, it's an opportunity to practice modesty and speak less about yourself. Consider exploring new ways of expression that align with this shift. Learning new skills, embarking on travels, or even engaging in therapy, such as psychodrama, could provide fulfilling outlets. Embrace this period of mental transformation and find joy in changing your self-expression. You may even fall in love with this new self.


Virgo and Virgo rising: The lunar eclipse prompts you to take a closer look at your finances, Virgo. If you've been feeling undervalued, it's time to advocate for a raise. Your hard work deserves fair compensation. Consider seeking financial advice to strategize how you can manage loans and investments. Significant changes are on the horizon for you next year, so, it is now crucial to lay a solid foundation for your future success. Prepare your financial ground so you can plant the seeds of the life you envisioned. Can you try to be less modest than you normally are? Remember, countless people achieved their lofty dreams—why shouldn't you be among them?


Libra and Libra rising: Embrace a moment of stillness, dear Libra. As you are the host of this eclipse, take a deep breath and make room for silence and space. Make room for the uncertainty and allow shadows. Shadows are nothing but a different expression of light. It is the time to support your partner's needs and desires selflessly. Let go of the fear of missing out—yes, it is quite charming in youth but less so as we mature. Recognize that the true calamity isn't in aging, but in losing sight of what's truly important—deep connections over fleeting pleasures. This is your time to prioritize what lasts and what matters.


Scorpio and Scorpio rising: As this lunar eclipse marks the end of an emotionally intense period you endured during the eclipses of 2022 and 2023, it's time for closure, Libra. You may feel the aftershocks of past traumas resurfacing, but trust that you've grown stronger and more resilient. Believe in your healing and look forward to new beginnings, especially in your health and wellness routines. With invigorating Aries energy in your sixth house, consider adopting a pet or other nurturing habits that boost your well-being and bring joy into your daily life.


Sagittarius and Sagittarius rising: Feeling alone or misunderstood, Sagittarius? Remember, this sense of isolation isn’t your reality. Recent letdowns in friendships or communities may sting, but they're paving the way for your personal growth. Whether it’s a graduation or a career transition, trust that you’ll find your tribe soon. Channel your patience into your creative ventures. Spring ignites your fifth house of creativity, offering a fertile ground for your ideas. Are you metaphorically pregnant with inspiration, or is there a more literal new beginning taking shape? Embrace the potential for both.


Capricorn and Capricorn rising: This lunar eclipse might test what you hold dear—your success—introducing some uncertainty or disappointment. If the scales are tipping due to family demands, or if this year hasn't met your high expectations, remember, Capricorn, it's fine not to be in constant production mode. Venus, the ruler of this eclipse, unites with Saturn, your guide, promising that this challenging period will lay the groundwork for future rewards. Lean into your innate patience and discipline. Don't let temporary setbacks disrupt your steadfast journey toward your goals.


Aquarius and Aquarius rising: Your momentum has been building since January, Aquarius, and life is now in full swing. Whether you're reaching a significant milestone in traditional studies or personal growth, your efforts are paying off. Your vision extends beyond yourself, towards grand ideals and the well-being of humanity. The turmoil of the world weighs down on you, making you feel helpless and hopeless. But remember, changing the world starts with small, daily actions within your community. Your contributions there are just as valuable and can ripple out in ways you can’t imagine. Stay committed to your goals and your positive impact will grow in waves.


Pisces and Pisces rising: What's troubling you, Pisces? With Mars and Venus energizing your sign, and now the Sun and the North node in your second house, recognition and financial rewards are coming your way. Also, it’s a time for celebration as you’ve finally found the freedom and the medium to express your innermost thoughts and feelings. Yet, Pluto’s presence in your 12th house casts a shadow on your personality and stirs hidden fears as the lunar eclipse brings them to the surface. Perhaps the closer you get to achieving your desires, the more daunting they seem. To navigate these waters, consider art therapy or therapeutic practices like yoga or meditation to steady your mind. Otherwise, you risk being adrift in a sea of doubts.

Remember that eclipses always guide us towards deeper understanding of the world and ourselves. Remember that while the effects of eclipses can be immediate, sometimes their true impact takes time to manifest. Remember that only with patience and openness, we can align ourselves with the transformative energy of eclipses and move forward on our paths with purpose and insight.

In the dance of shadows and light, let eclipses be your moments of pause and contemplation, where you gather strength and wisdom for your next steps. Embrace the shadows, for they are as much a part of your journey as the light is, and in them, you may find the brightest of beginnings.

If you need advice during any eclipse season, write to me, or schedule the consultation.

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