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New Moon In Taurus and the Key Astrology for May 2024

May is shaping into a vibrant and dynamic month filled with fiery energy and exuberance. In this article, you can read about the New Moon in Taurus and key astrology for May 2024. The month ahead is perfect for embracing passion in your creative projects and relationships, making bold moves like purchasing the real estate you have only dreamed about, and simply enjoying the lively atmosphere surrounding you. 

The first part of May is ideal for laying the groundwork for major projects you want to flourish over the next 14 years. We're focusing on substantial, enduring initiatives—not just fleeting or short-term endeavors. Immersing yourself in Nature and literally getting your hands dirty by planting something, whether in a garden or starting a new houseplant, will be incredibly beneficial. This connection to the earth will help you harness and make the most of May's potent Taurus energy, grounding you as you plan and grow.

House plants

Happy birthdays to all Tauruses and May's Geminis!

Here are the key astrology dates/moments in May:

  1. May 2> Pluto stations retrograde in a square with Venus

  2. May 8> New Moon in Taurus supported by Jupiter and Uranus

  3. May 15 - 16 > Mercury enters Taurus

  4. May 18 - 19 > Venus conjunct Uranus, Sun conjunct Jupiter

  5. May 20> Sun enters Gemini

  6. May 23> Venus conjunct Jupiter, Full Moon in Sagittarius

  7. May 24> Venus enters Gemini

  8. May 26> Jupiter enters Gamini

  9. May 31> Mercury conjunct Uranus

Let's talk about the key astrological events in May. The month begins with Pluto stationing retrograde at 2 degrees Aquarius, in a tight square, with Venus in Taurus. The same day, the Moon passes through Aquarius, adding more intensity to this alignment. This intense configuration on May 2 will particularly affect those with planetary placements at the early degrees of Aquarius, Taurus, Leo, or Scorpio. It will prompt some deep reflection on several key areas:

  1. The ways we authentically and freely express our truths.

  2. Our approaches to earning money and preserving personal freedom and ethical integrity.

  3. The maintenance of relationships that honor our true selves and personal freedoms.

  4. Our connections to Nature and art as sources of liberation and salvation.

The Venus-Pluto square introduces potent, transformative energy into relationships, particularly where imbalances or noticeable power dynamics exist. Such dynamics may need renegotiation to foster healthier, more equal partnerships.

The Venus-Pluto square can intensify emotions, creating a heightened sense of obsession that might manifest in our relationships or creative projects. This powerful aspect often deepens feelings and connections, pushing individuals to explore the depths of their personal and artistic bonds. The challenge lies in managing these intense energies constructively without letting them spiral into controlling behaviors or overwhelming fixations. It's a time to be mindful of the power dynamics at play and to strive for balance and authenticity in all forms of expression.

While Venus and Pluto engage in an intense conversation early in May, Mars in Aries supports Pluto, amplifying the transformative energies at play. This alignment brings a surge of dynamic energy in the first part of the month, especially helping those with strong placements in fire signs—Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. Mars, in its home sign of Aries, is particularly powerful; it provides physical strength and mental clarity that boost drive and potential for success.

After its supportive phase with Pluto, Mars continues its journey through Aries without making significant aspects with other planets for the rest of the month. This phase allows Mars's influence to be direct, making it an excellent time to pursue goals with passion and determination, especially for fire signs, who will now mainly focus on career achievement and success.

The New Moon in Taurus occurs on May 8 at around 5 AM Central European Time, and it closely aligns with both Uranus and Jupiter. It's important to remember that Uranus and Jupiter recently had their once-in-14-years meeting on April 20, and we are still feeling the effects of this significant conjunction. This New Moon likely reflects or brings to light the beginnings initiated by that Uranus-Jupiter conjunction. If you didn't notice any significant changes in late April, this New Moon might reveal them now.

This event symbolizes a fresh start, a breakthrough, or an awakening. It will influence us throughout the year until the Full Moon in Taurus in November, which will bring either a celebration of what has been achieved or a conclusion to what was started.

May is considered one of the best months for starting new adventures or making significant decisions. If you're planning to begin a project, sign a contract, launch a business, rebrand, or update something, May offers several auspicious, particularly supportive days. Key dates for beginnings are May 14, May 18, and May 23. These days are well-aligned astrologically to foster success in new endeavors, ensuring that the stars support your actions. If you need help picking the best date for your new beginning, schedule a consultation, because TIMING MATTERS. 

On May 16 and 17, as Mercury moves into Taurus, it will bring us back to discussions and ideas that began at the start of the month, particularly when Pluto squared Venus. This transit of Mercury could reveal deeper layers of our conversations, uncovering secrets, obsessions, fixations, or even scams. This period encourages revisiting these themes, allowing for a more thorough understanding or resolution of the matters that surfaced earlier in May.

This year, the May full Moon, known as the Flower Moon, will occur in Sagittarius on May 23 at 3:52 PM Central European Time. The Sagittarius Full Moon is traditionally associated with travel, exploration, celebration, and philosophical pursuits, reflecting Sagittarius's expansive and adventurous spirit.

A few days following the Full Moon, on May 26, Jupiter will transition into Gemini. This shift is one of the year's major astrological events, as Jupiter's movement into Gemini brings a focus on communication, learning, and intellectual growth. I'll provide a more detailed analysis of Jupiter in Gemini's meaning later this month, so stay tuned for further insights.

Here are your horoscopes for the New Moon in Taurus. Please read the sections for both your Sun sign and rising sign. 

Aries: This New Moon encourages you to embrace new financial beginnings. Consider innovative ways to increase your stability and security.

Taurus: The new Moon in your sign means it's time to redefine your identity. Initiate changes that reflect your true self and personal values.

Gemini: This is a period of introspection. The New Moon invites you to reflect on past actions and plan your future quietly (if you can do anything quietly).

Cancer: This new Moon may surprise you with new friendships and community connections. Engage with groups that align with your dreams.

Leo: Professional opportunities are on the horizon. Use this New Moon to set ambitious career goals or launch new projects.

Virgo: The New Moon sparks a thirst for knowledge. Perfect for starting a new course of study or exploring distant cultures.

Libra: This New Moon focuses on transformation. It's an ideal time for healing and investing in profound, personal growth (try it, Libras; you may enjoy it this time).

Scorpio: This new Moon highlights relationships. New partnerships can bloom, offering fresh starts or renewed bonds.

Sagittarius: Embrace a health and wellness reset. The New Moon urges you to establish nourishing routines. Try DETOX.

Capricorn: Creativity and romance are in the air. This New Moon is perfect for expressing yourself and enjoying heartfelt connections. If you are not planning pregnancy, please be extra careful. 

Aquarius: Home and family are the focus now. Use this energy to finally get something done in your living space or strengthen or fix family relationships.

Pisces: Communication projects are boosted. This New Moon is excellent for writing, speaking, and connecting with others on a deeper level.


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