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Lunar Eclipse in Taurus 2023: Practicing Simplicity

Updated: Oct 30, 2023

Dear Stargazers,

I'm reaching out to you from the eclipse tunnel. This tunnel opens up to us twice a year during eclipses. Eclipses happen when the Sun, Moon, and Earth come to a precise alignment under which the Moon either blocks the Sun's light or the Earth casts a shadow over the Moon.

In astrology, eclipses symbolize potent and transformative gateways that can, at times, manifest as a sequence of events ushering both beginnings and endings across various facets of our lives.

Writing about the upcoming full-moon eclipse was challenging, as if its energy defied easy explanation. I grappled with this uncertainty for a week until I sensed a narrative slowly taking shape. Embracing the unknown is hard. We are all accustomed to the constant noise and overflow of information. Lunar eclipses open portals to destiny with intensity equal to at least ten full moons. If we choose to act, our decisions during eclipses tend to be irrevocable and often life-altering. The veils between worlds lift as the Sun and Moon's light dims. More than any other, this period seems marked by funerals and harrowing acts of violence, casting the world's stage in turmoil. What unfolds globally often mirrors the turbulence in our personal lives.

Frequently, in the period between two eclipses, we may feel a compelling urge to withdraw, to seek solace in a cave, to wrap in blankets, and to wait for the return of light. I've been nestled in such a refuge since late September, yearning to remain there until spring. Wishing for solitude and stillness is perfectly natural, especially when transitioning between life phases.

The lunar eclipse in Taurus, which will occur on Saturday at 10.23 PM here in Europe, is closing the Taurus/Scorpio eclipse cycle that started in November 2021. Closure is definitely a theme we can count on.
The questions that are coming up are: What is reaching its conclusion in my life? What am I ready to release?

Full moons inherently signify a time of release; a full moon eclipse underscores this process. You've likely heard messages in various media outlets urging you to let go during a lunar eclipse: You are about to part ways with something or someone that no longer aligns with your present life. Let's take a breath and explain the concept of letting go from a different perspective. As the Buddhist philosopher and teacher Thich Nhat Hanh said, "To 'let go' means to release something. This 'something' can be a construct of our mind, such as an idea, emotion, desire, or belief we've created. Becoming fixated on these constructs can lead to unhappiness and anxiety. We may wish to let go, but the crucial first step is recognizing these constructs as tangible realities."

As fixed signs, Scorpio and Taurus tend to foster fixations and attachments. Over the past two years, we have formed new attachments and desires that warrant our recognition and evaluation. Are these ideas, beliefs, and desires sources of nourishment or distress? What aspects of our lives might change if we release certain things and sever those attachments?

Mindfulness practice guides us to explore deeply and unearth the origins of these ideas, feelings, and desires. We can discern their composition and why we clutch onto them by locating their source. Only then can we genuinely release them. This isn't because social media or other sources dictate that the eve of a full moon is the designated time for letting go but because we've undertaken a thoughtful and reflective journey that has led us to this decision.

The solar eclipse in Libra on October 14th squared with Pluto, ushering in themes of transformation. As we approach the late October full moon in Taurus, which aligns closely with Jupiter, the planet associated with expansion and abundance, the transformative energy intensifies.

Jupiter, the cosmic magnifier, amplifies everything it touches. However, the outcome can be positive or negative, contingent upon what is being expanded. If it's love, joy, or kindness, it can have a healing impact on the world. But if it's something harmful, like a tumor, the consequences can be dire. On the other side, opposite Jupiter and the Moon, we find the trio of Sun, Mercury, and Mars in the constellation of Scorpio. The combined forces of Mars and Mercury in Scorpio give us a powerful voice capable of becoming a weapon. The question is: how will we use this? The blade of Mars is the sharpest in Scorpio, symbolizing our ability to exert control and agency. This is a blessing in the hands of a benevolent individual, but it's a destructive force in the hands of an evil one.

We're traversing a tunnel of uncertainty, unable to predict the outcome. What will Jupiter expand, and what will Mars cut through?

As bleak as it may appear, this entire period can be simplified and work to our advantage.

The key lies in the concept of simplicity and the conscious choice to embrace it. To choose to exist in a state of simplicity, or better yet, to merely be present.
With Jupiter in Taurus this year, we are embracing the idea of receiving nourishment—being nourished ourselves and others through physical sustenance or love and our undivided presence.

Jupiter in Taurus is akin to fertile soil where we sow our seeds. Here are the questions to work with:

  • What seeds do you plant and nurture to support you in the years to come?

  • What fertile soil represents the source of your sustenance?

  • Where are you drawing your nourishment from?

  • Has your soil remained fertile, or have you lost your source?

  • Can you trace your steps back to rediscover your sources if you've lost them?

  • When was the last time you felt truly nourished and supported? Can you reconnect with that source?

Nourishment requires reciprocity – giving to something that doesn't give back to you is not sustainable. You shouldn't continue loving someone who doesn't love you back. You can't devote yourself to a job that doesn't support you. You shouldn't be held captive by desires that drain your energy. Surround yourself with friends who uplift you, and don't invest time and attention in causes or communities that don't align with your values.

Let the illumination of the full Moon in conjunction with Jupiter guide you to explore the origins of your attachments, and let the influence of Mars in conjunction with Mercury assist you in letting go of anything that doesn't bring you nourishment and happiness.

Disconnect from the noise of your surroundings.

Take a break from the media.

Embrace the tranquility of silence and the unknown.

Immerse yourself in the simple pleasures of existence: savor nature, food, and intimate moments.

Recall your desires from a time when your wish list was less cluttered.

Reflect on when life was less complicated.

Remember what brought you genuine happiness and made you smile.

You'll rediscover your wellspring of joy and nourishment.

Once you do, allow yourself to receive from it. Drink from that water.

Be open and receptive.

You can become the everlasting source of your happiness.

Look at the Moon! She relies solely on the Sun's light.
Welcome simplicity into your life.

Eclipses offer us profound insights capable of catalyzing shifts in our consciousness. Our experiences and lessons we learn inspire us to evolve. To quote the astrologer Rebecca Gordon, eclipses are moments when the Universe makes course corrections, guiding us toward our destined paths. Eclipses, particularly solar ones, resemble resets, occasionally entailing a brief period of darkness and solitude before a fresh start. Most of what unfolds during eclipses has a purpose, though it may take some time for us to grasp it. Therefore, patience is essential.

Sometimes, seeking refuge in caves or navigating tunnels can be comforting. Your new beginning may be in the springtime. Embrace the art of being present in the uncertainty of not knowing. And wait. Before you start pushing yourself forward, remember how far you've already come.

I'll close with more wisdom from Thick Nhat Hanh:

A Piece of Bread Contains The Cosmos

When you look at a piece of bread, one second of mindfulness and concentration can allow you to see that this bread contains the whole cosmos – the rain, the cloud, the earth, time, space, farmers, everything.

I hear you, my friends, and I feel you.

I am also here for you when you need further guidance.

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