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New Moon in Capricorn or Are We Ready to Leap Forward?

Dear friends and stargazers,

Happy New Year 2024, and Happy New Moon! Today is the first New Moon in 2024 and perhaps the most optimistic since January 2019. Are we ready for the giant leap forward?

A: Yes!

B: What do you mean when posing that question, Alex?

C: I'm fine where I am, thank you.

I know that no one here reading my newsletters is going to pick option C, so I'll move forward with explaining why I am questioning your readiness.

As you may have read in the past month all over the media, 2024 will be a year filled with surprises. This can be true or false as well, given that the impact of a surprise depends on the individual's mindset, education, age, and overall character. I am not easily surprised, but some people I love dearly drop their jaws in various surprises almost daily. So, for some of you, 2024 may present itself as a rollercoaster you'll ride blindfolded. For the rest, the following year may be as chill as today's January air in London (I'm writing you from a coffee shop in the Kensington neighborhood of London).

To navigate 2024, you must familiarize yourself with the concept of external versus internal locus of control. You can listen to American astrologer Kathy Rose talk extensively about this when explaining our current age and state of mind. And this is all connected with two outer planets, Pluto and Neptune, lingering at the last degree of a sign and transitioning to a new one.

Pluto has spent 2023 at the 29th degree of Capricorn, and Neptune will spend most of 2024 and half of 2025 at the last degree of Pisces, the last degree of the Zodiac. When planets station at the last (anorectic) degree of a sign, they quickly fall into the shadow side of the sign, revealing everything corrupt in the present state. Pluto lingering at the last degree of Capricorn in 2023 revealed all that is rotten in our power structures and the old control systems. The transition of Pluto to Aquarius will happen on January 20-21, marking the beginning of a new, twenty-one-year cycle that will hand the control back to the people. The last time Pluto lingered on the last degrees of Capricorn and transitioned to Aquarius, the American Declaration of Independence was written.

As Pluto came closer to the last quadrant of Capricorn in 2016, it was clear to astrologers worldwide that essential words from the Declaration, like life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, would be used to confuse and further divide people. How come, after a century of women's rights battles, we have a surge of "pro-life" movement that again puts the power over a woman's body to someone else? How come, after centuries of attempts to unite humankind, we are building new walls to reinforce borders? The obvious ethnic cleansing is once again called a military operation. Why is happiness reserved only for the affluent and privileged if all humankind is created equal? How come children are still being murdered in cold blood? Even today, when we can all witness it thanks to technology. Since I've mentioned technology, I wonder why technology is always blamed for all that is wrong and not the men for how they've decided to use it.

The last four years have brought everything corrupt in our "evolved" society to the surface. The slow-paced revelation started with the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn at 0 degrees of Aquarius on December 21, 2020. On January 20, 2024, when the Sun and Pluto hit this same spot in the Zodiac, the process of revelation will speed up. We'll see more stories about corruption around science, medicine, and technology and more fear around AI.

Let me summarize this: celestial energy and technology are neutral. Neither planets nor AI are after us. The outcomes are always the results of how we utilize energy or technology. Humans are to blame.

A bomb that kills children gets deactivated by a human hand—a soldier who was the last in the line of a chain of control. The order to drop the missile came from men in power suits sitting at some office or playing golf. It is hard to believe it ever comes from the men who do yoga or make art or meditate. The power of Pluto in Capricorn is strong at the top, but with Pluto in Aquarius, it shifts back to the people, so the individual soldiers who were instructed to press the red button can find power within to say no.

We, the people, can and will say no to so many orders in the next 21 years. Will that create chaos? Yes. Protests. Riots. Simultaneous bursts of chaos in different places of the world. Yes. Will a behavior of this kind cause a rollercoaster of surprises? Hell yes! Will our children say no to everything we think is good for them? Absolutely. Happy parenting in this age, or look at this on the brighter side: We are blessed to raise the generation that will save (or destroy) humankind.

Along with Pluto transitioning to Aquarius, we will work with Neptune at the last degrees of Pisces. This transit opens us to a higher level of sensitivity, spirituality, empathy, and compassion. It makes us aware of marginalized communities' struggles and the need to step up in their defense. But it also shows us where we may have gone too far. When and where is empathy, sensitivity, or spirituality misused?

Let's go back to the external and internal locus of control. External locus of control puts power on a supreme being, a supreme human being, a state or autocrat, or an institution. Believing in an external locus of power teaches you to put power to planets and think that celestial bodies are doing something to us, causing wars or personal struggles. This belief also corrupts astrology, giving it the "power" of predictions. I said this many times, but I'll repeat it today because it is essential:

Astrology is not a tool to predict the future. Life (and nothing in it) is not happening to you. You are not a victim of events. Life is your gift that you should use wisely.

Conversely, we can tune inward to find an internal locus of control, our power. The power of our minds and our souls and our will. The goodness that radiates from us. If we do so, we'll shatter the known concept of divine power and prove that we are all divine beings in the human experience and capable of connecting in a shared mission of creation of the world where we'll all be equally valued and important. We will discover the internal authority with Pluto in Aquarius and Neptune in Aries (in 2025). We'll find the inner source to bleed the autonomy and power to incite and install change: we, the people.

The poster I stubbled upon last night in London.

To conclude, 2024 will be the year we will find out where our power is and how we can access it whenever we need it. If this is not a reason for the year to be pivotal, we still hold onto the concept of external locus of control and need more time.

But, yes - we are ready for that leap forward.

I will talk in more depth about astrology for 2024 and cover the month-to-month transits in my MAP YOUR 2024 Workshop, which I am hosting online on January 20. Here is the link to sign up and buy for now, I'm off to roam around London!

My calendar is now open for your consultations.

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