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Pluto in Aquarius 2024: The New Era Begins Now

Friends on a beach

Dear friends and stargazers,

Have you felt an energy shift today? Or have you handled an unexplained anxiety or fear, perhaps even nausea or lightheadedness? Pluto, the planet of transformation and rebirth, entered Aquarius after 248 years of orbiting other constellations. The Sun entered Aquarius simultaneously and reinforced this shift, making it even more potent. Many of us have felt this shift in our bodies, which is expected. The entrance of Pluto in Aquarius is not just an astrological event but the inauguration of a new paradigm and a time of significant change and evolution. 

The change and evolution concern the collective, the world. We are in this together and will feel the need and desire to connect with other humans and nature more than we have before. To embrace the dawning of the Age of Aquarius and the shift toward the collective, I decided to change the name of my business from Flower Moon Practice to Flower Moon Collective. You can see the new logo on the website, and more changes in design will follow.


I felt invited to participate in change-making because I have strong Aquarius placements in my birth chart, the Moon and the Rising. My vision is to create and hold space for you for future collective growth, exchange of ideas, and a community you can rely on in crises. I am not quite sure today, when Pluto is hovering above my Moon, and I have felt waves of anxiety, how I will do this, but I know I will soon see the path.

For now, let's just all take a collective cleansing breath: An inhale to fill the lungs and the belly, then a long, audible exhale to release whatever must be let off today. Then, another deep inhale to invite the Aquarius energy into your body and soul.

The workshop on mapping your 2024 and Pluto in Aquarius has been rescheduled for Saturday, January 27, at 7 pm CET. If you can't take it live, there will be a recording. Sign up here.

Continuing the text, you will find extensive information about Pluto in Aquarius and its implication for your life and growth.

Pluto in Aquarius 248 years ago

The period when Pluto was last in Aquarius, roughly between 1778 and 1798, was a time of significant global change, marked by revolutions and transformations in various parts of the world. Besides the well-known American and French Revolutions, several other notable events and trends occurred during this era. Beginning in 1791, the Haitian Revolution was a significant anti-slavery and anti-colonial insurrection by self-liberated enslaved people against French colonial rule in Saint-Domingue, now Haiti. This period saw the early stages of the Industrial Revolution, primarily in Britain. William Herschel discovered Uranus in 1781 (how timely because Uranus is now the modern ruler of Aquarius!), expanding the known boundaries of our solar system. The Age of Enlightenment peaked during this period, emphasizing reason, individualism, and skepticism of traditional doctrines. Philosophers like Immanuel Kant and Voltaire were influential, promoting ideas underpinning modern democratic and scientific principles. This era also witnessed increased global exploration and colonial expansion. Captain James Cook made his third and final voyage (1776-1779), and European powers continued to extend their reach, particularly in the Pacific, Africa, and Asia. The seeds of feminist thought and women's rights movements began to emerge, inspired partly by revolutionary ideas about equality and individual rights (this is also an interesting link to Pluto in Aquarius because Pluto, as a ruler of Scorpio, represents the deepest realms of the feminine energies and in Aquarius, these energies are striving for ultimate freedoms).

Planet Uranus

Anticipating the Next 20 Years

As we embark on this 20-year journey with Pluto in Aquarius, astrologers worldwide are buzzing with predictions and expectations. This transit anticipates an era of significant technological breakthroughs and advancements. We are looking at a future where innovations in Information Technology (IT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), aviation, space exploration, quantum physics, and medicine are not just possibilities but imminent realities. Let's break this down in more detail.

Technological and Scientific Leap

The alignment of Pluto with the forward-thinking Aquarius will accelerate our technological and scientific progress exponentially. We may witness the emergence of groundbreaking technologies that revolutionize the way we think, live, work, and interact. The fields of AI and quantum physics, in particular, will likely experience significant leaps, reshaping our understanding of the universe and our place within it.

Advances in Medicine

Medical advancements are another area where Pluto's influence in Aquarius will shine. We could see revolutionary treatments and possibly even cures for diseases that have long baffled humanity. As Pluto can relate to cancerous cells in medical astrology, we may expect groundbreaking research in the field of oncology. Integrating technology in medicine could also lead to more personalized and effective healthcare solutions. However, on the other end, Pluto in Aquarius will raise questions on healthcare inequality and who gets treated in new ways. There will be worldwide protests against privileges in healthcare systems. Aquarius wants to create a system where all human beings are equally deserving of needed care. 

Aviation and Space Exploration

The skies and beyond will not remain untouched. With Aquarius ruling the realms of air and space, advancements in aviation and space exploration are highly anticipated. This could mean more efficient and eco-friendly air travel alongside ambitious space missions that could redefine our understanding of the cosmos.

We may finally understand that we are not alone out here and that Agent Molder was telling the truth for all those years.

Art sculpture
Aquarius: Water barer

Social and Ideological Shifts

Pluto's transformative energy in Aquarius is not limited to technological and scientific realms. We are also likely to witness significant shifts in social ideologies and ecology. Aquarius, known for its focus on humanitarianism and innovation, may guide us toward more inclusive, equitable, and sustainable societal structures.

The Shift Toward the Collective

As Pluto makes its monumental shift into Aquarius, we enter an era where the focus shifts from I to WE, from capitalistic individualism to the collective. This transit will open us to look beyond our daily needs and desires, urging us to consider the greater good and our community's well-being. Pluto in Aquarius will call for collective action, innovative solutions for societal issues, and a united approach to global challenges. 

While this transit is significant on a collective scale, some of us will also feel it intensely personally. As Pluto is a catalyst of profound transformation and evolution, the planet will influence each of us. Still, its impact will be more pronounced for those with strong Aquarius placements in their birth charts. The individuals whose personal planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars) or angles (Ascendant or Descendant, IC or MC) are touched by Pluto's transit will get invitations to become changemakers (freaking out and refusal of the call is a normal reaction in 2024, but, next year, we will all know what we can do to contribute to the world. These changes take time, and ignoring the call to grow and change will be nearly impossible.

Pluto's Interaction with Personal Planets

You must now wonder what will happen to you if Pluto touches the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, or your Ascendant or MC in your birth chart. As I wrote in my last letter, celestial energy is always neutral. Planets are not after us or conspiring against us. Astrology is not here to tell us what will happen to us. The energy is there, but the outcomes always result from utilizing the given energy. What will you do with Pluto's teachings and gifts? 

If Pluto transits close to your inner planets like the Sun (representing identity and livelihood), Rising (the body and expression), Moon (thoughts and emotions), Mercury (intellect and communication), Venus (love, aspirations, and money), or Mars (willpower and motivation), expect 360 degrees transformations in these aspects of your life or reinvent yourself and have fun with it instead of playing the victim role.

What if you don't have planets in Aquarius? Will you still feel Pluto's influence?

The answer is yes. We all have Aquarius somewhere in the chart, so start by looking at the astrological house ruled by Aquarius. Pluto's transit through this house will stir changes in the specific area of your life that the house represents.

For instance:

  • If Aquarius governs your third house, prepare for transformations in your vocal expressions and communication skills. Try to work on liberating your voice, speaking or writing your truth, learning a new language, or studying coding. You might be interested in integrating technological innovations in your communications or organizing your life so you could work on the go in a digital nomad style. 

  • If Aquarius rules your ninth house, you may feel a strong urge to discover your dharma and your purpose, and you embark on travels seeking your destiny, possibly sensing a rebellious need to break free from traditional paths.

Plant by a sign
Don't be afraid of the journey

Embracing Personal Growth and Change

This transit is not just about witnessing changes but actively participating in them. It's an invitation to embrace personal growth, step into your power, and contribute to the collective evolution. Whether through personal development, community involvement, or adopting new technologies and ideas, Pluto in Aquarius encourages us to be at the forefront of change.

As we navigate this transformative period, remember that change, though challenging, is often the catalyst for incredible growth and development. Please stay connected with me for ongoing insights and guidance on making the most of this once-in-a-lifetime transit.

Collectively, let's welcome the era of Pluto in Aquarius!


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