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Truths on Love Horoscopes and Compatibility

Neon letters with all your heart

Recently, I came to a startling realization: I've delved into the realm of love horoscopes and compatibility for a quarter-century. That's twenty-five years of answering questions such as: "Is he/she the one for me?" "Will our relationship endure?" "Is there a chance of reconciliation?" "Are we destined to marry?" "Why is this relationship so challenging?" At times, my role as an astrologer—armed with the frankness of a Sagittarius—requires delivering unwelcome truths.

Today, under the cosmic alignment of Mars and Pluto in Aquarius, it feels apt to disclose the realities of love horoscopes stripped of embellishment and false hopes. I'll reveal why some matches work, and why others don't.

Before we start, it is important to disclose that I don't suppose or impose gender and sexual orientation in love horoscopes. As an astrologer with an Aquarius Moon and rising I am interested in inclusion, human rights and diversity. In astrology, we look at two souls that attract regardless of their gender. We search for partners and not husbands or wives.

Let's start from the basic. How do I read love horoscopes and compatibility charts?

The natal chart is an astrologer's most essential tool for an accurate love horoscope reading. You might inquire about synastry readings, Davison charts, Composite charts, etc. Although, each method has its usage and popularity, my answer to you will invariably be that your natal chart is enough for me. I also refuse looking at other people's charts without their consent. Those who have consulted with me know I always have just your natal chart before me, with transits often drawn mentally. I always know where the planets are and where they are going next. Twenty-five years ago, I would manually draft my clients' charts, a process consuming at least thirty minutes. While I appreciate modern programs' convenience, manual charting embedded a deep understanding of cosmic mathematics in my mind. My experience with matters of the heart is extensive. As a young astrologer who earned pocket money in college through love readings, I was just as keen to personally "explore" the entire Zodiac. Later, this quest evolved as I worked with friends and clients, accumulating DATA. Statistics matter; numbers don't lie.

For a successful love compatibility and relationship, two criteria must align for both partners: 
a) you both should be in a period when love is a possibility in your yearly chart, coupled with an actual desire for romance and b) a partner you encounter should resemble the ideal from your Natal

To elaborate on a), consider you're feeling lonely and yearning for companionship. Yet, you find yourself in a phase where the transiting Jupiter resides in the second house and encourages your focus on earnings, and the transiting Saturn has just stationed in your fifth house and imposed boundaries and rejections to any thought of a romance and pleasure. Perhaps your natal Venus isn't favorably positioned in your Natal, and your Mars in Cancer inclines you to domestic comforts or duties. The chart suggests a low profile in love for the year. Meanwhile, your friend, graced with an exalted Venus in Pisces and Jupiter in the fifth house, enjoys many romantic pursuits. You fear solitude. However, astrology offers not just a single path but multiple avenues. The traditional approach is to engage with current opportunities, aware that planetary alignments are transient. Alternatively, an Aquarian method would be to consult an astrologer who employs astrocartography to guide you to a specific location where you'll live on your Venus line, thus attracting love.

I recall a client, left by a long-term partner, stripped of hope for future romance. Yet, with her exalted Venus and Moon in Libra, I never doubted her prospects. The breakup was not an end but an awakening, enabling her to evolve into her best self. And when Jupiter crosses over her Gemini rising later this year, she will be ready to meet her match, and even more, she'll get everything she dreamed of at once!

To elaborate on b: a partner you encounter should resemble the ideal from your Natal. Imagine you're prepared to meet someone special. Still, that individual must reflect an ideal from your chart. Conversely, it would help if you embodied the ideal from theirs. Otherwise, there's a risk of perpetual search for an elusive "something more." Hence, I insist on your natal chart over a potential partner's. If not signified in your chart, their presence in your life will be fleeting. 

Lat's throw another real-life example: my husband's natal Jupiter is in his seventh house, the domain of marriage, conjunct with his North node in Virgo, supported my entry into his life during a lunar eclipse in Virgo that lit his Jupiter-N.node pair. As a Sagittarius woman, I personify the ideal suggested by his Jupiter. However, this fiery planet operates unconventionally in this yin earth sign. With my Venus in Capricorn and Mars in Virgo, I can work with Jupitarian inner fire and transform it into a strangely beautiful lava stone that appeared as the anchor his chart envisioned. At the same time, his Mars in Leo fell straight on my descendant—the line of the partner—and his Gemini Moon lit my fifth house of true love.

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While our Sun signs are commonly discussed at parties, they bare little significance in my love-matching and compatibility analysis. Here's what I prioritize: 
1) Rising Signs
2) Moon Sign and her placement in both charts
3) Venus sign and her placement in both charts 

After these three pillars for compatibility, I'll look at the planets in your I, V, VII houses to see what is your projected ideal you search in others. And later I will check how your partner's personal planets talk to yours.

1) We start by looking into the ascendant aka the rising sign. 

In the past twenty-five years, I've had to say "no, they're not the one" countless times, and my intuition rarely missed. Drawing on the data I have collected, I can give you the magical equation for compatibility:

The matching of the two ascendants suggests harmony: Encountering someone with the same rising sign as yours suggests you understand one another on a deep level, and when you meet, you certainly are at the same astrological phase in life, which is an excellent sign for compatibility. If love is in the stars for you this year, it will likely be the same for them. Harmony can also come from ascendants that are forming trines or sextiles. However, they usually result in short and pleasant relationships, which are certainly welcome and purposeful for your personal evolution. 

Opposing ascendants suggest passion: Connecting with someone whose rising sign is your opposite may indicate that they are six years out of sync with your life's phase. Such a pairing can spark intense attraction and passionate encounters, potentially leading to a child or more and a lasting bond for several years. Yet, it's unlikely to be a partnership that endures into old age. 

Ascendants in a square reveal the unpleasant tension: Suppose your rising signs form a challenging square within the same mode, for example, an Aquarius rising clashing with Taurus and Scorpio. In that case, it may result in a relationship fraught with negative emotions such as jealousy, mistrust, obsession, and anger. In this type of relationship, there is unlikely any blossoming and growth. 

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2) The Moon and Venus give us deeper insight into love compatibility.

The Moon governs your needs, emotional nature, and thought processes. Harmonious aspects between your Moons (trine, sextile, or even opposition) can signal a profound soul connection. However, Moons in a square suggest a lack of flexibility and durability in the relationship, often not conducive even to forming a friendship. It's vital to take this into account. Beware of inconjunct Moons, 150 degrees apart, which can be so discordant they may pose actual health risks, such as increasing the likelihood of hormonal issues, heart issues, thyroid dysfunction, and sometimes even sudden allergies and depression. 

Particularly detrimental Moon pairings include Aquarius with Cancer, Leo with Capricorn, Libra with Pisces, Aries with Virgo, Taurus with Sagittarius, and Gemini with Scorpio. We see this pairings in challenging relationships between siblings or children and parents. The relationships you are born into and can't escape. These relationships are hard and energy consuming and usually exist to teach you some higher truths of life. But we don't want this in love and pleasure. We want love that flows and that opens us up to dream-like possibilities and imagination.

Venus represents our attractions. Any aspect between two Venuses is favorable, highlighting a recognition and energetic pull towards one another. A lack of aspects might indicate a genuine lack of attraction on subtle body (energy body) levels.

Sometimes, what we perceive as 'attraction' comes more from a mental construct than a tangible connection between two individuals. Such a scenario can result in a stable yet tepid relationship deprived of passion. Passion fuels creation—not merely the genesis of a new life but the essence of our own existence. Without passion we drift aimlessly through life. Two Venuses who don't attract one another may potentially lead to difficulties in fertility, despite otherwise good health.

Please pay attention to the whispers of your Venus, engage with her energy, and refuse to compromise. Unsatisfied Venus can lead to disharmony in various aspects of life, including finances and personal fulfillment. Settling for mediocrity restricts personal joy and may inhibit the flow of abundance. Remember, a life that merely mimics your astrological chart's promise is half-lived. Listen to your Venus, she always tells you what story needs to be lived out. 

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