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Your Guide through the Eclipse Season

The talk and the fuss about the eclipse season and its whats, ifs, hows, and whys are abundant and are literary jumping at us from various media outlets. The fear of the darkness. The discomfort in front of the unknown. And the confusion about what this all might mean for us and what for the world already dark and burning.

What are the eclipses, and what can they reveal for us?

Solar eclipses happen when the Moon, in her orbit around the Earth, positions her body between the Sun and the Earth, obscuring the Sun's light. Lunar eclipses happen when the Moon and the Sun align in opposition, and the Earth stays between them. In this case, the Earth prevents the Sun from illuminating the Moon, hence casting a shadow over the Moon. As a result of either eclipse, we work with shadows, literally and metaphorically.

At least twice a year, eclipses come in pairs as one solar and one lunar and are bound to a couple of constellations for two consecutive years. This year, we already had the solar eclipse in Taurus in April and the lunar eclipse in Scorpio in mid-May. The next pair of eclipses will feature the partial solar eclipse in Scorpio, happening today, October 25 (from noon to one in Central Europe), and the total lunar eclipse in Taurus on November 8, 2022. These two eclipses belong to the Saros Eclipse Cycle that repeats every 18 years (the solar eclipse is a part of the Saros 124 Series that first started in 1049, and the lunar is part of the Saros 136 Series that began in 1680). The last eclipses of the same series were in October and November of 2004. The themes and experiences we encountered and dealt with then will now find a way to echo or repeat.

Eclipses tail and activate the lunar nodes (the nodes of fate) in the Zodiac, so we say that they speed up our timelines, propelling us to take action that is solely aligned with our soul's purpose. Therefore, eclipses are catalysts of change. The dimming of the light we experience during an eclipse season offers a series of tests we can use to check how willing and ready we are for our next phase of evolution.

In evolutionary astrology, eclipses are portals through which the Universe reaches us to make physical, palpable adjustments so that we can (re)align with our purpose and (re)define our path.

Only when we hold onto the past and the past versions of ourselves do we feel the darkness and violence of the eclipse. Each eclipse helps us shed the old skin, renew, and grow, constantly spiraling us upward. So, if you feel the dark side of the eclipse, pause to think about where you need to loosen your grip.

Eclipses are not supposed to be comfortable but to drag us out of our comfort zones.

Ask yourself: In which part of your life or in what relationship did you get too comfortable?

The fall 2022 eclipses are bound to Scorpio/Taurus axis. Taurus speaks about security and value, and Scorpio about desires and power. Both inform us about how we own and consume things and how we can free ourselves from ownership and consumption, not to become consumed.

These eclipses activate two energetic centers in the body: the throat and the sacral chakras.

Svadhisthana, the sacral chakra, represents our ability to create and hold space for our creations, and

Vishuddha, the throat chakra, represents our wisdom to align with the inner truth and communicate it.

The astrology around both eclipses is intense. Two days ago, the Sun and Venus met in conjunction, called Kazimi, at the last degree of Libra. At this time of the year, the Sun and Venus have been meeting in Scorpio for the entire century, so the change of sign where they would meet from now on initiates a deeper, global, and personal transformation. Joining the Sun and Venus in Libra will open us up to new ways of relating to ourselves and others and propel us to rethink our relationship values. During the solar eclipse on October 25, the Sun, the Moon, the South Node, and Venus join in the place where Mars is potent (2nd degree of Scorpio). The Moon, which signifies both the physical body and the thinking mind, is in the fall in Scorpio, meaning that she has less power here, and Venus, the planet of love, wealth, and pleasure, is in her detriment, which means that she feels trapped and constricted. And lastly, the Sun, representing our soul and vitality, dives into darkness. The three bodies that usually illuminate us are now represented by their shadow selves, so they join forces to help us see our shadows.

Mars, the ruler of the solar eclipse, in his pre-retrograde shadow in the constellation of Gemini (thoughts, words, communication), will open fires and conflicts on all levels: global, personal, and internal. But the most significant battle we will need to deal with is the one that speaks to our inner conflict around desires we obsess with. During the solar eclipse, we must distinguish which desires do not align with our soul's needs. The lunar eclipse in Taurus on November 8 marks the perfect time to release desires that belong to our past, others, and ancestors. Desires that are nothing but a construct of our bleeding society.

®evolution Questionary

When we stir all the eclipse ingredients together, a series of essential questions will pop up for us:

  • Where are we in contrast to where we need to be?

  • What do we truly need in comparison to what we think we want?

  • Where did we get too comfortable and stagnant?

  • What relationship is due to end?

  • What is our truth, and how can we communicate it freely?

Should we ignore dealing with these issues, our evolution will stop, and then, the Universe will step in to make corrections and serve us with surprising, even radical solutions. This is how the eclipse works. First, we are offered the opportunity to listen to our souls and re-align, but if we ignore signs and voices or resist them, we get served an intervention. Given that the lunar eclipse on November 8 allies with Uranus, the revolutionary bearer of change, the Universe is (citing the words of my mentor, Rebecca Gordon) about to make corrections.


The signs most affected by the fall 2022 Scorpio/Taurus eclipses are Scorpio, Taurus, Aquarius, and Leo. Also, if you have planets or important angles between the 29th degree of Libra and the 3rd degree of Scorpio, you will experience the solar eclipse more profoundly. Also, if you have planets or angles between the 29th degree of Aries to the 3rd degree of Taurus, planets or angles from the 29th degree of Capricorn to the 3rd degree of Aquarius, and from the 29th degree of Cancer to the 3rd degree of Leo. Your ®evolution is now the Universe’s priority, so you can, for sure, expect interventions.

Aries and Gemini (thanks to the retrograde Mars) are the next in line. And Libras will experience quite a deluge of emotions during the lunar eclipse in Taurus. Given that Virgos have had a difficult few years with Saturn in their sixth house (Virgos rule the sixth house, but Saturn here played more like a parasite than the guest), I would like to follow up on their eclipse experience. If you are a Virgo or Virgo rising and have a story to share, please get in touch with me via

(Always read the horoscope for both your sign and the ascendant.)


The shadows will point you toward realizing how you invest time, energy, and money. The knowledge you’ll receive will help you break unhealthy patterns and create a new lifestyle for the next 18 years. But, should you resist the change, the Universe will intervene.


The time has come to re-evaluate all your relationships and your relationship patterns. It would help if you found your truth and the courage to communicate it first. Be honest with yourself and your partner.


The eclipses tangled with Mars retrograde in your constellation urge you to rethink your habits or the thought patterns that don’t help you evolve. For your mental and physical health, you must engage with Mars and cut, cut, cut all that has become stagnant in your mind and body.


It is time to think about what true love means for you. Re-define this term everybody takes for granted—re-define expectations and gender roles. Then, open your heart to receive what is coming.


This eclipse cycle has already helped you make significant changes around your home and how you define your perfect living space in which you can also work. It is time to re-create your work around your lifestyle, not vice versa.


You are getting ready to kick Saturn out from your house of the body and make new routines that will lift your spirit. Let go of thought patterns not aligned with your vision of the life you want to build.


The conjunction of the Sun and Venus in your constellation has opened a gate to abundance. But Venus, the queen of light, has shown you shadows. What shadows are but the manifestation of light? And all the light you need to walk through that gate is already within you.


Oh, Scorpios – you will feel this darkness in all its depths. A significant relationship (romantic or business) must end – you must let them go. Re-align with your truth. Stay on your path. You reign the shadows.


A critical time for you, Sagittarius! You are about to retreat to a space (physical or mental) that you’ve been creating for yourself, where you will change internally. You are infused with inner life and knowledge that needs to simmer for a while and away from the public eye. Retreat to create. Silence is a portal to art.


This eclipse cycle marks the last years with Pluto in your constellation. Pluto taught you well what shadows are and how to work with them, and now is your time to teach the world. Your vision is impressive. You can change your community with one step, and with a few more, you can change the world.


Are you feeling it deeply? Work with your shadows and with Scorpio energy. We all have access keys to all constellations. This eclipse cycle will prepare you for the new public role you will step into when Pluto plunges into your constellation next year. So do what you need to be ready to step up and share your visions.


Maybe you will end a contract restricting you from living your life as you dream. Your job, perhaps, or another kind of agreement. Maybe you are retiring or taking a long sabbatical. Possibly you are ending your corporate career to start your own business. Perhaps you are ready to become a digital nomad and bring your work to your travels. Fear not. The Universe will intervene for you before you realize what is happening.

If you'd like to dive more deeply into the wisdom of the eclipses and learn how you can work with the Scorpio/Taurus energy, click below to schedule a reading.

Don't hesitate to reach out with questions.


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