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Blood Flower Moon Eclipse

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

May 16, 2o22.

We almost reached the other shore of the eclipse season. The total lunar eclipse in Scorpio on May 15/16, lasted around 85 minutes and turned the Moon into blood red where the eclipse was visible.

You might have felt all sorts of feels since the Sun was eclipsed in Taurus on April 30. It is hard to find words to explain the sentiment between the unusual excitement and unbearable anxiety. We all felt the energy changing:

  • Jupiter’s fire in Aries lit up the sky.

  • The Sun darkened.

  • Mercury slowed down, insisting that we all press pause to whatever we were doing.

However, slowing down is not in westernized human nature. Instead, we’d rather move forward, even if it meant running with our eyes covered.

The eclipse season literally puts us in blindfolds. Eclipses conceal rather than reveal. Nevertheless, we’re always trying to discover the critical truth in the midst of darkness. As your eyes are covered up, so is the information. Whatever you are looking for, you will not find it before the sky clears up from the eclipses’ shadows – it is possibly not before June 15 when Mercury catches up with its regular speed. In the past, astrologers used to warn about “dark deeds” that would occur under the eclipse and remain canceled for days, months, or years after.

Although the eclipse season is not the time we’d want to embark (intentionally) on a new journey, doors do open or close shut, in front of us.

Inevitably, each eclipse season will bring us an ending and a beginning. Sometimes, the change can be as exciting (and frightening) as becoming a parent for the first time or as devastating as being dumped at the altar or losing someone you loved. An eclipse may open a legal process or a media campaign against you or your company, in which the most important details (or the whole truth) are covered. However, not every eclipse season touches everyone. Sometimes, a simple change of a habit is all you get.

Eclipses happen in pairs twice (to four) times a year, and they stir the soup in the cauldron. During the eclipse season, the linear perception of time you might have held onto dissolves under your fingertips. Instead, you now see past and future combine, endings, and beginnings pour into one another. In this state of flux, eclipses speed up the natural course of events, confronting you with issues you had to deal with anyway.

Because we never get the whole picture during the eclipse, we are forced to make decisions based on gut feeling. Rationalizing doesn’t mean much under the obscure sky. We can’t see, read, or interpret signs. We can only feel. Hear the whispers of our hearts and trust intuition.

And why wouldn’t we trust our intuition? Where did we lose that connection with our hearts?

The Taurus – Scorpio eclipses will be repeating in 2022 and 2023, and perhaps only once the last has happened will you come to an understanding what were the lessons you learned. A lunar eclipse occurs when the Moon steps into the Earth’s shadow, and it can be partially obscured or totally. There are two total lunar eclipses this year – the first occurs today, May 16, at 25 degrees Scorpio, and the other will be on November 7th and 8th (depending on your location) on 16 degrees Taurus. Suppose your birth chart features planets or angles (ASC, DESC, MC, IC) on 25 degrees Scorpio or Taurus or 16 degrees Scorpio or Taurus. In that case, these eclipses will be particularly transformational for you, and you might want to get your chart read for clarification.

These eclipses are part of a larger series of eclipses called the Saros 131. The last time the North Node was in Taurus, and the South Node in Scorpio was between 2002 and 2004. The events in this cycle will mirror or echo what happened (or began) 19 years ago.

Taurus is about ownership: Your money and how you manage it, your property (from home to jewelry), and your values.

Scorpio is about shares: Scorpio rules the shared money and property through marriage, partnerships of any kind, or family. Scorpio is also stock market, shares, mortgage and loans, credit cards, taxes, and everything you owe.

The May 16 eclipse is raising some money issues: The eclipses in Taurus and Scorpio conceal or reveal the imbalances between what you earn and what you owe. As a result, you may want to re-budget and halt signing new loans during the eclipse season, especially when combined with Mercury retrograde.

Scorpio rules sex, death, and money – everything that we might use to control others or what might be controlling us. Losing a family member and inheriting either money or their debt is a familiar outcome of the Scorpio eclipses.

But, also, on the brighter side, having the best sex of your life can be another way to survive the Blood Flower Moon Lunar Eclipse.

It is no surprise that we see protests across the United States (while the country experiences Pluto’s return) against the impending anti-abortion laws. Abortion and birth, safe sex, and contraception, pregnancy either forced or wanted, are all Scorpionic matters. So also, are law, lawyers, judges, and courts. And all that money that has been invested and directed toward these medieval views on reproductive rights and campaigns against abortion.

Scorpio rules the reproductive organs in the body, and Taurus governs our senses, the throat, and the voice. Therefore, we must express our opinions and use our voices to stand up against the oppressors that want to deprive women of their right to make sensible choices for their future. This fight has just started and is going to unfold in the next two years while the South Node inhabits the Scorpio constellation.

Scorpio rules transformation and the eclipses near the South Node in Scorpio speak about the healing and transformation after trauma or loss. The Scorpio eclipses will help us tell stories of injustice, abuse, wounds, and heartbreak so that we can begin the process of healing and transformation.

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