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Breaking Free or Breaking in Pieces?Horoscope for the New Moon in Leo

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

The constellation of Leo represents the most joyful home for the Sun. In Leo, the Sun shines the brightest and radiates its light and warmth with ease and purpose. The Sun is a symbolic representation of the soul. The Moon represents the mind. When the New Moon rises in the same constellation where the Sun is, the two bodies align in the sky and ally to illuminate your soul's purpose. Under the New Moon in Leo, the Sun will direct its light toward the mind, making the content of our individual minds, as well as the content of our collective mind, clear and visible. This lunation will equally reveal our dreams and the fears surrounding them.

The New Moon in Leo is encouraged and supported by the fiery trine with Jupiter and caught up between some interesting aspects with other planets. Uranus, Mars, and the North Node are aligned in Taurus, making a challenging square with Mercury in Leo. We will feel the urge to free our creative potential and share our soul's purpose with the world, but under that Square between Mars and Mercury, we might find it very difficult to clearly communicate what we want, need and feel. Mercury in Leo represents the sharp and bold mind but is seldom inflexible. Mars in Taurus is too stubborn to even consider a backup plan if the main one doesn't seem to work. Caught between these two energies, the creative Leo Moon might immediately feel discouraged about the prospective projects. And the frightened Venus in Cancer caught up in a square with Kiron will imagine all the possible catastrophes should you decide to follow your dreams. This Venus will support you only in the urgent retreat.

But if there is one New Moon in a year that calls us to confess and map out our dreams, this is the one. However, terrifying it might look now, with the background noise that feels like a choir of the world’s toughest critics, we must try to hear the soul's voice. Bet on the strength of the element of fire and break free from the fear. Connect with your Leo, Aries, or Sagittarius part and imagine life in all its colors and possibilities. Sunshine is above you, take its light and own it.

What else will you do? We have only two options: to break free and allow the soul to live its purpose or to break into pieces. The Leo New Moon calls for risk-taking.

Following are the horoscopes for all signs - please read for both your Sun and rising signs to get a better insight.

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This is a beautiful day for you, Aries – you are starting a new creative adventure or seeing your work in the world for the first time. This feels like a launch, a celebration. The money is tight, but there is no need to lose sleep over it today. What you are creating will pay off.


I know you’ve been through a lot lately, and the wheel is still turning fast for you. This is the year in which you must break free from all your fears and limiting beliefs and step into the light. This lunation today is showing you the power of your own mind. Open it up to possibilities.


It’s all about the words you use and the stories you share. Be humble with every word. Smooth everything out. Be kind and generous. Jupiter will bring you good fortune, and the help you need will come from the community you created.


Venus is allying with your Sun, and the Sun and Moon are casting light onto your talents. You are about to discover your (new) life’s purpose. But, to live your purpose, you must create detachment from your limiting beliefs and the fears that have never been yours.


Hey, Leo! It’s your time of the year! Shine bright, have fun, and create beauty! Live in color and sound! Enjoy your own greatness. No fears are allowed in your pursuit of happiness! Ally with Sagittarius and Aries friends today – light up the stage! Roar!


Oh, Virgo. This is that last New Moon in a year-cycle that hits you hard in all your wounds. You are in a phase of closures and endings. One life’s adventure is over, and the new one will begin soon. Today you are grieving, and that is a part of the process. So if we can say there can be a good day for farewells – this is the best one you can choose. Love and light for you.


This lunation comes with a surprise! You will win something, meet someone special, and have the best fun – but nothing is expected. Whatever happens today is a part of your journey and should be celebrated and enjoyed. So leave your fearful self at home today. Bring only the lioness along.


The New Moon cast its light onto your successes. So how are you going to celebrate all you’ve achieved lately? If insecurities and limiting beliefs come from your relationship and partnerships – this is the time to work through them.


It seems that you finally know where you are headed. Jupiter is boosting your creativity and your need for the release of joy. You are feeling beautiful and energetic. However, you are still working through the imposed limitations of time. You are not time-bound, Sagittarius. The possibilities are endless.


This lunation illuminates your 8th house, which means it hits straight into the heart matters and all your fears. In the meantime, your loved ones actively demand attention and are in the mood for fun. Perhaps, you could confide in your partner and release at least one of your fears. Today, possibly the one around failing to provide for the household.


Are you starting a new partnership or a romantic relationship, Pisces? You’ve got an abundant blessing from Jupiter. Whatever you are initiating today will bring you the light even though your new partnership might shake up your steady family dynamic.


Are you starting a new job or a new project? Are you thinking of buying a pet? It’s a good day for initiations in your work-life routine. It’s a good day to relax, too! Not a good day for written communication and social media – your words can be terribly misunderstood, and the consequences can be painful.

In my Astrology consultations in August, I will focus on helping you apply mindfulness on your creative journey. In simple words, mindfulness means observing without judgment. When we use mindfulness in our creative processes, we become more passionate and compassionate, open to new ways of thinking, and free from limiting beliefs. This square between Mars in Taurus and Mercury in Leo draws attention to the limiting beliefs of our minds that directly limit our success and happiness. With the mindful observation of your birth chart, I can help you find the right way to break free from all that holds you back on the path of realizing our dreams.

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