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Farewell to 2023: Mercury Retrograde, Astrology of the final days of 2023 & New Year 2024

New Moon in Sagittarius
Farewell to 2023

On December 13, just hours after the Sun, Moon, and Mars threw a party in the constellation of Sagittarius, celebrating the final New Moon of 2023, Mercury stationed retrograde to remind us about the importance of a pause.

Will we even see the pause button during the holiday season? Of course, we won't. Sorry, Mercury, we are well programmed to stretch beyond our limits when the capitalistic machine sells us all that holiday galore: we must buy more, sell more, eat more, drink it all, and drag our bodies to all the events we've been invited to. Time is, too, stretchable and divisible, right? Or, maybe not?

The New Moon in Sagittarius, which occurred close to Mars, infused the year's end with a distinctive zest. Mars—symbolic of decisiveness—encourages us to discern the essential from the trivial, the right from the wrong, especially in Sagittarius, a sign known for its pursuit of the bigger picture.


The New Moon traditionally announces the birth of fresh ideas and perspectives. Yet, as the year ends, it implores us to act on our delayed aspirations with an augmented urgency. Cast aside the excuses, Mars is telling us—it's time to make at least one of those ideas a reality. Maybe you quit eating junk food or smoking? Maybe you get your ass to yoga the last week of the year?

But what if you do nothing? Asks Mercury.

Hours after the New Moon, Mercury stationed retrograde in the sign of Capricorn, prompting a period of reflection and reassessment. Saturn, Capricorn's planet, rules time, and Capricorn is the master of organization.

The questions that the end of the year will open for us are about the VALUE OF YOUR TIME.

  • How and where are you spending your time daily?

  • Where do you accumulate waste, and where do you find profit? What are the activities/things/people that drain your time?

  • What are the activities/things/people that replenish your calendars?

What can you change in 2024? How do you want your weekly calendar to look like? Can you take some time now to think and answer these questions?

Why not compile a list of habits, experiences, or connections you're ready to release? Use Venus in Scorpio, which loves the bare honesty, to strip yourself of all the false ideals. Let Mars in Sagittarius guide you to sever what no longer defines you, and use the discerning energy of Saturn-ruled Mercury retrograde to map out life's forthcoming chapter.


With its structured beauty, Capricorn is an ideal backdrop for Mercury, offering you a chance to contemplate, amend, and strategize. Should your busy schedules not afford you this luxury of a pause, Mercury may find a way, perhaps through a week-long break enforced by flu or knee injury. So, why not willingly dedicate time to Mercury's retrograde teachings instead? At least, consider spending the full moon in Cancer on January 27 at home, indulging in comfort, films, and perhaps an excess of hot chocolate.

The value of rest
Mercury retrograde mood

I've always been skeptical of New Year's resolutions. Still, the astrology of this December 31—a grand trine in earth signs—presents an auspicious opportunity to set intentions for the year ahead.

The grand trine is an alignment in the sky when three planets form a triangle, linking all three signs of one element. On the eve of December 31 and into the first hours of January 1, 2024, the Sun in Capricorn, the Moon in Virgo, and Jupiter in Taurus will align to create a triangle of light and abundance. Be careful about what you wish for at midnight - it might come true.

Wishing you a joyous year's end. Embrace the season's invitation to rest, to savor warmth and comfort. Remember, a touch of laziness is more than permissible in these waning days of the year—it's recommended. It may as well be interpreted as a gift.

As for future planning, I am writing an extensive article on 2024 astrology. The forthcoming three years—2024 to 2026—promise to be pivotal. Our world is in flux, but the question remains: Are we prepared for what lies ahead?

If you are anxious before the new beginning, join me in one of the following ONLINE WORKSHOPS, where we will send off 2023 and prepare to thrive in 2024.

In the meantime, my January consultation calendar is open for bookings, and I am just an email away from you whenever you have questions.

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